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Whatever your interest level, the Madison Polo Club provides you with various ways you can participate in the sport of polo.  Our club offers various levels of memberships for people interested in playing polo, whether you want to become an active polo player, or just have an interest is trying the sport (through our cllinics or supporting polo school). We also have social and sponsorship memberships for those interested in a more, "off the field" polo experience and activities.

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Polo Player Membership

Player and student memberships are available for rated USPA players and anyone interested in learning to play.

Active Full Player Membership

  • Who: USPA members (rated Players only).
  • Cost: $1250 for Summer season.
  • Full access to polo field, participation in all practices and games.
  • Participation in all Madison Polo events and meetings.

Associate Player Membership

  • Who: USPA student and full members.
  • Cost: $600 for Summer season. and pony lease if required..
  • Limited access to polo field, able to play in two chukkers on Tuesdays and Thursdays practices.
  • A limited number of polo ponies can be leased.​
    • $25 per chukker at practices.
    • $50 per chukker at weekend games.
  • Participation in all Madison Polo events and meetings.
  • Mentored by an Activie Madison Polo Club Player.

1/2 Associate Membership

  • Who: USPA student and full members.
  • Cost: $300 for Summer season.
  • Limited access to polo field, able to play in two chukkers a week.
  • A limited number of polo ponies can be leased.
    • $25 per chukker at practices.
    • $50 per chukker at weekend games.
  • Participation in all Madison Polo events and meetings.
  • Mentored by Active Member.

Polo Student Membership (High School and College Students)

Learn the basics of polo. The Madison Polo Club is extending an opportunity to individuals who want to learn the rules, techniques and strategies of polo. This is an opportunity to learn the rules of play and play polo once a week on the club's polo field, playing with members and on experienced polo ponies.

If you have had no polo experience, you will start out the polo season with an hour information session with a session on learning the rules of the game followed by learning how to use the polo mallet, and end up with playing a chukker on an experienced polo horse. The club is dedicating time every Tuesday evening after the club's practice session to work with student members on the field. The outdoor polo season will start sometime in May depending on the weather.

Student Membership

  • Who: anyone wishing to learn and play polo on the field.
  • Cost: $300 for Summer season.
  • Covered under Madison Polo Club's Insurance.
  • Must take a 3 hour introduction course before begining to play chukkers
  • Able to play 1 chukker a week (beginner scrimmages).

Students attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison should know that our affiliate polo club, The Polo Club of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, offers membership in their organization and practices indoors in our arena from October through April each year.  They bring in teams, and practice sessions are offered weekly. 

Private Polo Lessons

  • Who: Individual polo lessons are available on request for those wanting individual attention or additional riding training. 
  • Cost: $50 per hour
  • These lessons will be held at our indoor facilitiy.

Polo Clinics

  • ​Who: Any group or 4 to 6 people who want the experience of learning the sport of polo.
  • Cost: $300 for 4; $450 for six
  • This 2-1/2 to 3 hour clinic gives you an understanding of the game, practicing shots, and ends up with riding on the horses to play a chukker or two.
  • The clinic will be held in an indoor riding arena.
  • A waiver is required for all participants or partnets must sign if the participant is under 18 years old.  

Social Membership

  • Who:  Anyone interested in providing support and participating in various activities, join has a social member.
  • Cost: $50 for a year.
  • Attend games, bring guests to watch practices all year round.
  • Added to the weekly e-mails alerts and changes in schedules.


Sponsorships are special memberships for individuals or companies interested in helping to support the club.

We would be happy to discuss how you or your company could get involved today. Sponsorship is very important for the well-being of the club and for future growth.

  • Summer seasons run approximately from May - September, weather and field conditions permitting on our outdoor field.
  • Winter seasons run from October - April in our indoor polo arena and supports the Polo Club of the Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison with many practices weekly. This club can provide indoor polo for 25% of its membership from outside the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • The polo club welcomes any dollor or equipment donations, include eligible horses.